FORUM FOR ENFORCEMENT OF CIVIL LIBERTIES-INDIA                                                                    

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भारतीय नागरिक अधिकार प्रवर्तन मंच-इंडिया

Bhartiya Nagrik Adhikar Pravartan Manch

International Forum for Civil Rights and Development- From India
Since 2002.......20 years of service and awakening of society

Current Hony President Dr R K Gupta BTech MBA PhD Delhi 

The Power of People


"The SILENCE of the good people is more DANGEROUS than the BRUTALITY of the bad people" - Martin Luther King Jr.

Dedicated to Training in Social Sector; Woman and Child Empowerment; CSR Work : Good Governance; Public Accountability of Government, Legal and Administrative Reforms ; Distress assistance; Environment protection & Quality of Life , Promoting Indian Culture and Training in Social work

One Nation One people One System: Free from Caste, Creed, Color, Gender, Religion , Cults and Victimization


Fact of Month:

Indian Judicial System a costly non delivering system 

Indian courts and legal system is a big fraud with citizens of India, an eternal process run through bails, affidavits & date adjournments. Even if order is passed no one obeys it and process of appeals start that is even bigger fraud. Governments are biggest litigant (50% cases) wasting immense public resources and delaying justice. High courts take decades to even open files but merrily give bails and relief to criminals and law breakers instantly. Harsh financial penalties and law of torts has not been built in the trials encouraging crime. There is shortage of 10,000 judges in lower courts only and another 1000 in High Courts. Will this shameless set up reform itself? Lesser said about policing in India, the better it is , which itself promote crimes and criminals. The citizen in India feels more unsafe with policeman than gangster .India has 1 judge over 110000 citizens and 40 millions cases are now pending. Present Modi government has done nothing to improve law and order and judicial expansion and disposal of huge backlog. Foreign investors fear to invest in country because of lax judicial system corruption and political interference.  


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