About Us                                                                                       FORUM FOR ENFORCEMENT OF CIVIL LIBERTIES-INDIA

A premier Voluntary Social Action Group in India, the Forum has intellectuals from all walks of life, young and senior citizens, men and women, based in various cities of India and also from 8 other countries.Some foreign citizens are also members who have active interest in Indian affairs and its culture, besides the NRIs.

Objective of the Forum is to promote:

*Good Governance in country

*Transparency in Politics and Civil Administration

*Public Accountability of Elected Representatives,Bureaucrats and Judiciary

*Legal reforms and speedy ,cheap and fair justice

*Grass Root Development

*Woman and Child Empowerment

*Civil Rights and Human Rights protection and promotion

*Rural Development

*Improvement in Quality of Life with Individual Dignity

*Control on atrocities , State repression and exploitation in all forms-Violence, Police, legal, economic and emotional.

*Preservation of Water bodies, Environment, and control of Pollution

*Right to Employment and Right to live

*Peace and cultural promotion across societies to achieve Vasudeva Kutumbakkam

The forum operates through nodal centers in metros and various important cities managed by Forum members themselves.You are welcome to become an active member of the Forum and join the movement . You can take up responsibility of a nodal centre.

The forum is active in  intervention in cases of victimisation and injustice to a citizen, policy formulation and interacting with government & judiciary, Developmental projects, Aid for Higher technical education to financially weak women and rehabilitation of orphans and child labor, Public awareness campaigns and holding of periodical seminars and conferences.

The voluntary contribution from members of public and members of forum are welcome to meet  expenses of the Forum.Forum invites donations from trusts,foundations and Individuals,

So come and join the global movement for better  and safe society for yourself and your progeny.



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